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    Vogue is located in the prestigious down town area of in the City of Los Altos, CA.



Hair Cuts
Hair Color
Wash & Sets
Facial Wax


  • 5 star rating***Myong Lee*** the incredibly talented hair stylist formerly of Balisimo, has made a great new change in her life!!! ... read more

    Shamrock B. Avatar
    Shamrock B.

    5 star ratingI have been a client of David Perez at Vogue Salon for more than ten years. David is great... read more

    Katherine L. Avatar
    Katherine L.

    5 star ratingTeddy is wonderful! I have been going to her for years and I always get great compliments on her haircuts.... read more

    Cindy A. Avatar
    Cindy A.
  • 5 star ratingGina is the best! I get lots of compliments on her hair cuts. She's talented, she's fast, and... read more

    Howard R. Avatar
    Howard R.

    5 star ratingNow Gina is there and she does a great job with style, cut and color just like Myong.
    I have short...
    read more

    Esther D. Avatar
    Esther D.

    5 star ratingGina is the best ..! It is very hard for me to find someone to trust cutting my hair. I... read more

    Kylie G. Avatar
    Kylie G.
  • 5 star ratingI've only allowed Gina to touch my hair. I trust everything that she's suggested, and have loved my look for... read more

    Jim G. Avatar
    Jim G.

    5 star ratingI have been going to Gina for YEARS. She is absolutely hands down the best hair stylist I have ever... read more

    Laura E. Avatar
    Laura E.

    5 star ratingSunnie Kwon is the sweetest, most talented hair stylist. Call her for an appointment! 408 318 0841

    Kathleen R. Avatar
    Kathleen R.
  • 5 star ratingDavid does a great shop cutting men's hair! The remodel of the salon is very nice as well. I... read more

    Tim K. Avatar
    Tim K.

    5 star ratingI have been a client since 1980 and always happy with the efficiency and final product. David is a number... read more

    Henry D. Avatar
    Henry D.

    5 star ratingI have been a client of Marcus for close to 6 years now. It's always a challenge to find a... read more

    Scott G. Avatar
    Scott G.
  • 5 star ratingI happened to meet Gina at Peet's Coffee and finally made an appointment and I am so glad I did!... read more

    William R. Avatar
    William R.

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